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Foreign partners

Main foreign partners of ELF are the affiliated organizations of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Latvia, besides several environmental organizations in Europe and Russia.


Partners in Estonia

In Estonia, ELF is cooperating with every company, organization and state institution that wishes to protect our environment. In the course of activities, ELF has found many cooperation partners among environmental associations. One of the central pursuits in this field is the participation in the activity of Estonian Chamber of Environmental Associations (EKO). At the same time, ELF nurtures good relations both with other Estonian and also international environmental organizations and networks.


Membership status:

ELF is the member of the following organizations:

IUCN – International Union of Nature Conservation

Estonian Forest Stewardship Council Working Group

TRN – Taiga Rescue Network

CEEWEB – The Central and East European Working Group for the Enhancement of Biodiversity

Society for the Protection of Estonian Horse

Network of Central European organizations of environmental law “Justice & Environment” (founding member of ELF)

ELF’s long-standing partners list almost all larger nature reserves in Estonia, several local authorities, ministries (including the ministries of Defence, Agriculture and Environment) and state institutions (including Estonian Maritime Administration and Estonian Consumer Protection Board), as well as the embassies of foreign states.

ELF is practicing a long-standing cooperation also with several incorporated entities, out of which AS Ecoprint,  State Forest Management Centre, Stora Enso Mets,  Lõunakeskus OÜ, TELE2, EMT, Tallink, Ambient Sound Investment OÜ, Hula Bamboo OÜ (RipCurl), Olympos Estonia OÜ, Port of Tallinn, Elion Enterprises Ltd, Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR) – Estonian Public Broadcasting, Swedbank and Estonian Nature Tours  have contributed the most.



ELF is cooperating with every legitimate political movement concerned with nature conservation. ELF as an organization is not affiliated with Estonian Green Party.