Species protection

Species protection helps to preserve biodiversity

Every animal, fungus, and plant has a role to play in this world. Thanks to the abundance of species, natural diversity is preserved in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. This makes our ecosystems stronger and more resilient to major changes such as global warming. Unfortunately, a number of species have become endangered and even gone extinct due to human activity or other factors.

Species protection seeks to map and improve the situation of rare and endangered species of plants, fungi, and animals. One of the primary ways is by maintaining and creating suitable habitats for them. Within the framework of various initiatives we have helped flying squirrels, bats, seals, black storks, natterjack toads, southern dunlins, freshwater pearl mussels, and many other species.

How do we help preserve species?
  • We map protected and rare species and their distribution.
  • We maintain and restore the habitats of species, including through collective action or swamp regeneration.
  • We participate in the legislative process and the preparation of protection plans.
  • We inform people about species and how to preserve them, e.g. bat colonies.